The Courtyards

There are actually three beautiful courtyards at The Parisian Courtyard Inn. Just outside the Double Parlors is a large rectangular patio, with a bar area ready to serve your party.
Walking past the bar, you'll notice the fountain centered in the brick courtyard. As you follow the balcony on your left to the rear and pass through the portico to a lush landscaped garden, you'll find a second courtyard with another bar.
Notice the restored outbuilding with the scalloped fascia details installation from 1880, which gives you a sense of the lifestyle of the day. The three courtyards were created to flow from one to the other so it's not even necessary to come inside to visit them all, which makes a great crowd comfort for larger groups.
Historic objects are everywhere here at the Parisian, and the courtyards are no exception. Leaning against the back of the mansion is an authentic 20-foot long "push pole". Push poles were typically 16-22" long with a weight attached to the end. On flatboats, half a dozen men on each side of the boat used them for propulsion by sinking the heavy ends to the bottom of the river, and pushed the boat forward, drew it up and sank it again, "walking" the boat along the river's edge. That's how you went upriver and downriver before the arrival of the steamboats in 1810. Other objects include a cistern, a fountain, a carriage stone, and a hand-carved door from the old time period which was being scrapped until we realized it could work as the window to the middle courtyard bar.
The middle courtyard is tranquil and private and a great place for relaxing with friends. It has a bar available for serving wine or cocktails while lush gardens surround you. Table and chairs on polished stone implies subtle elegance and the perfect place to slip off to for conversation and celebration. Extra seating can be added to allow this to easily accommodate an extension of your party. Candles can be added to adorn this area as night falls, make it even more of a romantic location. This is a very popular courtyard patio with our guests.
Just beyond the gate and near the front of the property lies the next courtyard, which is to the side of the front door of the mansion. In the courtyard is a beautiful rain cistern from the old days. Outside in front is an authentic carriage stone.
The Parisian's Third Courtyard is a larger area, with a beautiful spacious patio. Some of our couples choose to have their outdoor celebration here. Some choose to have a dinner party here. There's plenty of room for musicians and a very meaningful ceremony. Or perhaps a demonstration if you're a club or business group. If you're a holding a reunion, you'll love The Parisian Courtyard Inn.