the Parlors

The famous Double Parlors at The Parisian Courtyard Inn have been lovingly restored to exactly how they looked when the wealthy McIllheny "Tabasco" Family first built the mansion in 1846. Elegance worthy of royalty has been achieved through loving attention to the original details... Some would say our Double Parlor room is the "Gem of the Mansion."
The parlors measure 18' x 35' with 14' ceilings, two black marble mantels and six 150" windows.
All furniture are period pieces, most with original finishes and fabrics circa 1850. This home was built in 1846 and extensively renovated in 1880, reflecting various period influences including Victorian and Charleston.
In 1880, the beautiful archway was added to replace a set of parlor doors; and lines of old framing are still evident on the original floors. The hallway stairs were removed when the spiral staircase wing was added at this time.
Imagine decorum of the original owner Rufus Mcllhenny and his entire family dressing up for meals, served in this majestic room twice a day. The servants would cook the meals in the rear patio kitchen next to the outside vertical cistern, which collected fresh water. Mr. Mcllhenny would ring the "pull bells" for service - just like the one we have restored at our front door. (We found the pull wire and pivot springs still attached to floor sills under the house and reinstalled the front door ringer to preserve this 1840's relic, which was considered very high tech for its time.)
Famous New Orleans jazz and blues musicians such as Dr. John and Henry Butler frequent the parlor to relax and sing at Butler's special grand piano, which resides here next to the fireplace.
What a great room to get married in—or to hold a meeting or a party in. We hope you will enjoy the renowned Parisian Double Parlors as much as we have enjoyed restoring it back to its original splendor. If there are any spirits lingering here, it's not haunted because they're all warm and friendly.
That's the unmistakable feeling everyone gets who visits the Double Parlors here at The Parisian Courtyard Inn - lots of warmth and the spirit of happiness is everywhere—that's our goal.