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National WWII museum

Come visit the National World War 2 museum to be inspired and learn. Here they are dedicated to an engaging learning experience. Come visit one of the many exhibits and see all the artifacts and more. 

Start off in the Arsenal of Democracy exhibit. This exhibit tells the story of how the war affected home and how it was won. See how the US responded in the war, and how we became united as a nation, and how the country helped the Allied forces. 

March over to the Road to Berlin exhibit. Hear the personal stories, strategies, sacrifices and experiences that lead to the invasion of the European Theater. From the first battles to Hitlers doorstep, follow the grueling and heroic stories of countless soldiers and leaders.

Fly over to the Road to Tokyo exhibit. This exhibit retraces the grueling road of risks to attacking Japan. Follow from the trail of Pearl Harbor to the last battles in Tokyo. See up close a shark-faced P-40 War-hawk fighter plane and many more artifacts. Here oral stories from american troops though the "dog tag" section. 

Journey over to the Beyond all Boundaries victory theater. See in a 4D experience on the mammoth sized panoramic display the war that changed the world. See a screening and watch how the timeline of the war, and focuses on important battles. 

Swim on over to the Final Mission USS Tang Submarine Experience. Here you can board a replica of the most successful submarine in WW2 and embark on its final mission. Feel a deeper appreciation for the men at arms, and past soldiers who protected our great nation.